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Opening Statement

So what is this all about then? Well, they say that blogging helps you focus your attention on the issues that really matter to you, all the while making you a stronger, more efficient communicator. As someone with a passionate interest in those we arrogantly refer to as the “lower animals” of our natural world, I follow a good many blogs, newsletters, and social media feeds dealing with such¬†issues as animal welfare, conservation, zoology, or animal behaviour. And there is a lot of content to follow.

The good news to take away from this is that, thankfully, those who advocate for better animal welfare and the conservation of our planet’s fauna are no longer a small group of fringe fanatics. Awareness and sensibility for these issues is growing, and it’s no longer regarded as just “a bunch of tree-hugging hippie crap” (Eric Cartman of South Park) by the public at large. However, it also means that the sheer amount of news content can be overwhelming and seemingly unnavigable.

So where to focus one’s attention? This, to come back to my initial point, is the overall purpose of this blog. By singling out those stories that have, for one reason or another, particularly caught my attention, I hope to be able to provide entertaining and thought-provoking content while, hopefully, becoming a better and more focused writer in the process.

Whatever this future content may be, the underlying ideology always remains the same: To truly evolve as a species, we as humans need to go beyond anthropocentrism and realise that we are not, in fact, the crown of creation.


General Announcement

This blog is still very much a work in progress, and its name, content, and general design therefore subject to change. I am very thankful to everyone who decides to follow me in my first attempt at blogging and ask you all to bear with me! under construction